By: iPhone FLOSS
Release Date: June 2, 2009
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Being a part-time political blogger(read amateur) myGovernment is one of the more amazing apps that I have come across. It will live on my iPod long afer I have forgotten about other "favorite" apps. The scope of the information that you can get from this app is amazing.
The app is divided into four tabs: Congress, Bills, Spending, and Community.



The Congress tab lists all of the members of congress separated by House and Senate. Clicking on the name of the representative gives you quick links to call, email, mention on Twitter, or post a comment in the built in community. Clicking on the blue arrow next to the name gives you all contact information, Info Stream, which is a list of websites in which the rep participates(website, youtube, facebook, etc.). You will also get any committee assignments for the rep and any recent news activity.
The Bills tab functions just like the Congress tab. Clicking on a bill will allow you to get sponsor info, the full text of the bill, a Twitter mention button, and a comment button for the community. The blue arrow provides you with a link to the bill text, sponsor and co-sponsor information, and the history of the bill.
The Spending tab allows you to see spending by state, congressional district, or contractor. (I could never get the contractor info to load, though. Clicking on the state or district allows you to contact the representatives, or Twitter mention on the spending of that district/state. Clicking on the blue arrow gives you a breakdown of how much the district/state is spending, who the representatives are, and for which contractor the money was spent.
The Community tab lets you see and post messages/replies to the community forum.
This app is full of information for citizens to make informed decisions on election day. It is also a good tool for the poilitcal bloggers out there. I will give myGovernment a 10 out of 10.


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