Dinosmash Lite

By: Eurocenter
Site: http://www.ifonkit.com/dinosmash
Release Date: May 29, 2009

Dinosmash is the ultimate multiplayer shooter for the iPhone/iPod Touch. The graphics are beautiful. The gameplay is lightning quick. And the best part? Sixteen player mayhem!
That's right! You will square off against up to 15 other players online in classic modes such as:
Deathmatch: kill as many other dinos as possible within the time limit.
Team Deathmatch: same as deathmatch, but you only kill Dinos on the other team.
Capture the Flag: You and your team must defend your flag from enemy Dinos while trying to capture their flag and return it to your base.


Controls are very intuitive. You move your Dino and aim by rubbing your thumb on the green D-Pad area. The green button jumps(tap twice for a double jump). The red button fires your weapon. The blue button deploys the grappling hook(for covering distances too long for a jump).

I will give Dinosmash Lite a 9 out of 10.


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